Sleep Health Center at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

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sleep lab

125 Mascoma Street Building 17 Unit D
NH, Lebanon 03766

About us  

The Sleep Health Center, a department of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital,

strives for quality testing and treatment at our facility while maintaining

excellent patient care. Serving New Hampshire and Vermont since 1996. The

Sleep Center currently has a three-bed facility dedicated to the treatment

of Sleep Disorders including but not limited to sleep disordered

breathing,insomnia, restless leg syndrome and circadian rhythm disorders.

Continuing education on Sleep Disorders is important to us here at the Sleep

Health Center. We provide an opportunity for patients to meet and discuss

nutritional issues, treatment options, and other health care issues related

to sleep disorders at the Upper Valley A.W.A.K.E. Support Group that is

coordinated here at the hospital. For information on when meetings are held,

call 603-448-7436 or email us at

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Contact Phone Number: 603-448-7436

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125 Mascoma Street Building 17 Unit D

Lebanon, NH 03766